Playlist Generator

January 19th, 2010 - 23:30:42

My hard drive was  formatted…
Damn.. all my mp3s were gone
So how do I listen to music, hmm.. I’d usually using AOL radio, but I can only listen to what aol playing based on available categories, so when I found my neighbor server, It shares mp3 files via web server. But I only have two hands.. not enough to copy all the mp3 links and paste them to my player.
So I created this, to generate playlist from web server contains mp3 files.
look like these

with this php code, you can generate playlist from all mp3s on this server

function get_track($u,$d){
  global $depth;
  global $track_ar;
    foreach($p1 as $item){
          echo $u.$p2[0]."\n";
       }else if(($tail=="/")&&($head!="/")){

Then you can just save it as a .m3u file and open it with your favourite mp3 player like ITunes or winamp